Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have to admit, two of my favourite chic lits are from journalists who worked in magazines and then turned over their pages and went into fiction, and thank god for that!
Mia Freedman - Mamma Mia
Zoe Foster - Air Kisses
I absolutely love both of these novels, however, Bird and I are a little disappointed with the reprinted cover of Zoe's new book. I loved the old cover (pictured) boohoo. Fabulous read though! my friends and I have all read it and obsessed over *Dec* - read it and see, you will fall in love x
P.s I also love Jill Mansell - Rumor has it


Cute Bling

Who would have thought it would ever be cool again to wear boom boxes as an accessory to show off your street cred. Well now you can wear them strung around your neck with all your bling as you bop down the street singing your favourite tunes... Cute Ability's little necklaces, earrings and brooches feature retro jewelled pieces that you can wear on your sleeve and reminisce with the 80s x

Wrap it up

My sister bought me a lovely new stamp from TYPO in Brisbane, it looks lovely stamped with black ink on white cardboard to be used as a gift tag. For a small price, this gift tag is a personal way to wrap up gifts x

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bloomers, Brooches and Buttons

Something is in the air, and the new arrivals of baby's are coming in full bloom, so it's all in good fun and high spirits to be making little bloomers with brooches and buttons to give away for presents.

By following a pattern out of Pip Lincolne's, Meet Me at Mikes Book I have made some little bloomers to give as gifts.
Polka dots, stripes, flowers and love hearts are printed on my materials and bright coloured buttons have been used to make little brooches fashioned to the Bonds singlets.

I have added more elastic than the original pattern to allow for chunkier little legs and bellies, and they look uber cute on little ones.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Allo Allo

Ok, so my best friend Bird and I have been pretending to speak French fluently for some time now, with a few little words learnt from high school French classes we seem to think we can string these all together and make sentences adequate of a typical French person.... they are not.
However, thanks to Larkmade we can buy French cards to speak for us - OOH LA LA!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letterpress Love

I have also become obsessed with all things "Letterpress", from wedding invitations, business cards and beautifully pressed prints. Suprisingly a lot of Australian companies do letterpressing, and the designs are just wonderful.

Lark have homemade letterpress cards for sale, and Bespoke have invitations and some really eye-catching prints for sale. I absolutely adore this teacup print from illustrator Kristal Melson- it is so fabulous, that I would love to have it hang in my room. x

Weekend of Dressmaking

Last weekend I decided to get some of my sewing done. I want to sell some of my things at the markets, so a stockpile was needed!
A few little girl's summer dress were made, with removable brooches for easing washing and to pin on other little outfits. The orange dress reminds me of a structured pinafore from the 60s, If only the pattern came in my size x

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Heart Bikes

Pedal over to this website to check out their beautiful cards and stationery...

Birds in Trees

Whilst doing my regular blog scan, and then going off on a tangent onto other sites, I stumbled across this little gem. Moomah have the kookiest little bird finds on their website.

You can buy pillows, prints and even D.I.Y bird nests for all those little sparrows the wind blows out of the trees.

The bird pillows are also very cute. tweet tweet. x

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coffee and Tea Please

These are just wonderful. Samantha Robinson handmakes these porcelain pretties, and recreates the old paper coffee cup delights.
Her range includes tea cups, coffee cups, bowls, teapots and porcelain fruits.
The cups, are light and lovely to drink coffee out of, and look great stacked on top of each other. They come in a range of pastel colours, and also with floral designs. Each one is unique and has a rustic, raw edge and shape. This little find has been brightening up my morning coffee. x

Flower Ribbon

The ribbon made from my love stamps. The colours look washed out and really effective tied around brown paper. The dolly pegs look really kitschy with the ribbon wrapped around them for perfect holders. x

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cross Stitch Got Cool

Love Love Love this...
Cross stitch has suddenly got cool again, and The Six Week Boutique are showing us how, with poodle's, motorbikes and teapots. x

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stamps and Such..

I have fallen in love with stamps... I bought these ones over the Christmas holidays and have been making handmade ribbon and gift tags out of them. The small faces and flower are the perfect size for ribbon, and the love images are great for personalised gift tags. By just using ribbons from spotlight and basic stamping inks the ribbons look great tied around brown paper packages...(tied up with string?)
Stamps also look great on brown paper and cardboard gift tags in black ink, they make wrapping just that little more crafty and handmade. x


So... I thought I would test the waters out in the 'blog universe' that has currently taken over most of my mornings, as I read through what crafty things all the other bloggers have been creating.
Having loved the crafting craze for some time now, I find it rather enlightening to be able to scan webpages and read what everyday people are doing with their needles and thread, crochet hooks and fabulous fabrics.
So here is my little contribution to the blogging world, and some of the little things that I have been dreaming up. x