Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food Fashion Friends

I've got to admit, I love all of the above - but not in that order of course.  Friends always come first when food and fashion are involved. But, we do love the other two when they are strung together like a paper train of hearts.  My friends are fabulous, too fabulous if you ask me, and we love to combine food and fashion for most of our outings, and my latest superb buy was of course Fleur Wood's - Food, Fashion, Friends

I have loved Fluer's clothing for a long time - in fact, I remember reading an uber cool spread on her in Cleo Mag once, and I fell in love with her whimsical clothes that oozed femininity. 

When I heard she was bringing out a book, I quickly went down to Angus and Robertson and ordered myself a copy - and it amazed my little eyes with every flicker of the page. 

The recipes, the styling, the clothes, the designers - ooh, la, LA. I only wish that I could host some of these certainly amazing soirees in the future - my favourite? - the cloud themed hurrah.  Who wouldn't want to attend that partay? I'm sure Popcorn, Bird, Shark, Music and Bikey would be up for one of those shindigs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Crumpet

My sister has a new little friend in the house - please, say hello to Crumpet, he is just lovely, and has very short legs and a rather long tummmm. Schnitzel von crum is that you?

Jake and I brought him home the other day after a night away.  Jake aka "I Think Sausage Dogs are Silly" has now been converted to an "I like to secretly stroke his soft fur and cuddle him while you're not looking" kind of guy, and the kids just want to snuggle him all day. We toats love him.

Hosting A Birthday Bash

My sister can definitely host a hurrah of a birthday bash! Bird and I recently headed home for the weekend for little Henry's 1st Birtday party, and it was a bee-autiful day.

Little Henry was dressed in an uber cute Seed shirt, that I wanted to somehow squeeze Jakey into because it was rather dashing, and the festivities went off with a bang!

Sarah had organised a craft table, bubble blowing station and even a jumping castle for the bevvy of tikes to enjoy themselves on.  ALL the food was homemade, and I seriously do not know how this supermum does it.  I secretly think she had a leotard and a cape underneath her party get-up.

Everyone had a ball, and Oskar and Archie played the part of older brothers really well, chasing Henry around and enjoying the festivities that were in full flare!

Pretty amazing afternoon I'd say, and it got better - when all the little tikes were tuckered out and ready for naps, us older kids got to have a go on the jumping castle, and I must admit after all those home cooked honey jumbles, rice crackles and monte carlos I thought I was going to heave - how carnival of me?

Bravo Sarah, the party went off like a frog in a sock, or a bee in a honey pot?

Happy Birthday my dearest little Henry x

*Yes that's Archie naked in the bubble blower bucket, and on the present front, my sister and I agreed to get him the large pull along dachshund from Brio - big hit with Henry!

Balmy Beaches

I have been on a little blog holiday lately - I know, I know slap me over the wrists! I have really just had too much on my plate with uni work, and then my socialness has been going a little overboard - literally actually, as we have been heading to the beach and diving into the ocean lately.
Jake and I headed to the strand last time he visited, and it was just lovely.  We walked along the beach,  took some snaps, headed to the rocks and chilled in the sun.  What a lovely Sunday arve it was, which followed on from a very cool morning.  We slept in, and then headed to a late brekky at Betty Blue (our favourite) and then afterwards strolled on down through the mall, stopping in at books shops and then picking up some lollies from A Spoonful of Sugar - pretty ace morning, If I don't say so myself!
The beaching did not stop there! Shark, Popcorn and I headed to Magnetic Island a few weekends ago, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  We got there early, hired a mini car (pink velvet seats and all) headed up to Horeshoe Bay, and spent majority of the day lazing on the beach, swimming, eating ice-creams and then kayaking around the rocks - how perfect? It was surely a beautiful day, and the company was just as swell. x