Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Topography of a Bird

What makes up a bird?

Feathers or fur?
A beak filled with bird seed?
A tweet that whistles a tune?

Bird, and myself have some lovely little birds tweeting outside our rooms, they have yellow feathers, black tails and a lovely little tune to them. 

We do hope they stay, make a nest and continue to sing.

Do you have a lovely little friend that has made a home at yours? a nest of ants perhaps or a parakeet palooza? x 

Pack Up Your Things, We're Hitting The Road

And in style! I was reading a fabulous article the other day, whilst cycling at the gym (hurrah for me), and it really excited me.  It was about packing up all your things, loading them into a caravan and hitting the road!

These people had completely sold everything, packed the bare essentials, and hit the pavement with some uber trendy caravans restored to their vintage glory. 

Decked out with crochet throws and pillows, vintage material bunting strewn from window to door, and kooky melamine tea cups and kettles stacked high in the cupboards - and don't forget the crazy table cloth curtains used to cover the cutlery and plates... they were simply wonderful.  Kooky, cool and completely priceless to see.

I would love to pack up my few things, hit the road and travel along with a caravan.  What would I take?... definitely my sewing machine, tea cups and pots, typewriter, plenty of yarn, a map, cd's, books, camera and of course Jake, I can't really refer to him as "gun" in this post, as I don't want to take a gun on my camping adventure.... just Jake will do thanks.

What would you take? What would you leave behind?... and how would you deck out your caravan?

Me, personally... I would deck it out with rugs, pillows, art, books and anything else that could make it seem homely and warm.  I would sit up front with Jake, he would wear aviators, and I would wear a beret. Because that would be uber cool, and is typical travel style don't you think?

Oh, and Bird... there would definitely be a spot for you to perch on...
Popcorn, Shark & Bike, you could ride up back in the library section, reading all day untill we stop at picnic spots, where we would fly kites, eat scones with jam and cream, and do crosswords until it get's too dark to see. x

I would like mine to look anything like these, please.  I better start crocheting now ------>

Friday, April 23, 2010

From Paris with Love

Remember those wonderful stamps I ordered? well they arrived, and they are ever so fabulous! I made a print for miss Popcorn, so whenever she looks at it she can be in Paris. x

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pin Cushion Palooza

Mother's Day is coming up, Hurrah! We get to show those women in our lives how much we love them, and give them a day off from all those nitty gritty daily tasks they do, that means no - mending your jeans, taxiing you around, or making you sandwiches for lunch!

I made a pincushion for my article in the paper, and it would be a great Mothers Day gift for all those craft savvy mothers out there! It's stuffed with plenty of fluff to make it nice and plump for all those pins, and is sitting in prime position on my shelf! My mother has pincushions coming out of her ears, so I think this one will be staying with me! luckily I have her present already under wraps!

Anyhoo, here is the link for you to get crafting for Mothers Day ----> Design Sponge Pincushion

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Bird for Bird

Bird, was having a not too chirpy day yesterday.  So we went out for French Toast and Coffee, and skipped on over to Spotlight so we could pick out some fabulous material to fashion a new pillow for her. 

I love this little owl, and so does Bird.  Twas a lovely day.  x

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

I am a full time student. I have masses of assignments to complete, yet I would much prefer to browse online avenues and stock up on things I can not really afford woooops, slap my wrist please!

So, in procrastination for my essay I skipped on over to Notemaker - a shop that should ban me - and purchased some stamps, stickers and sticky tape! Hurrah!

I love Notemaker, I buy from them all the time. Go check it out, browse for hours - I surely do.  I like to think of what I will do with my purchases.  My tape has come in handy for packaging presents, making cards, loot bags and decorating jars.  The babushka cards I bought have been stashed away for a special person worthy of their awesomness, and my small notebooks have been piled high in my room for sewing patterns, painting and other scribblings.

The love stickers are to die for.  Maybe they will be used for love letters? The red star tape, maybe it will be used for love letters too? or even wrapping up presents to my love.

The stamps are definitely going to be put to use when they arrive.  Birthday cards, wrapping paper and sometimes, even little notes to slip under Bird's door.  Why not? x

Cush For Your Tush

I may have become a tad obsessed with pillows. Every year I buy a stash, then when uni holidays begin I pack them up into my car, drive home and unload them onto my old bed. 

Then, the process starts all over again, I buy all new ones and then offload them again. 

This year however, I have started to sew  pillows. I had no where to put this new one, so I had to get a chair. Let's hope I don't start buying chairs to put all of my cushions on.  They are good for my tush though x

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Made My Day

Notemaker I am talking about you! Yes you, for adding the magnificent and extremely talented duo of Yellow Owl Workshop to your fantastic shop!

I have been stalking their website, blog and online shopping guides for a long time, yes it's pretty serious. I so desperately wanted their stamp sets. And now, VOILA! I can.

I am covetting the rain stamp set, the paris and the tea one too... oh they are delightful, to the check out please! wrap them up to go x

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mixed Tape Mondays

Music is the food for our souls, or something like that.  Shakespeare am I correct?

Anyhoo, I love mixing tapes (cd's actually, but tapes sound much better) When I was little I would always have mixed tapes in my walkman, with a big strip of masking tape splashed across the cassette with black marker stating the obvious which was always - Meg's Mixed Tape - followed with a drawing of a flower. It was my thing, sad I know, but it just doesn't seem as cool now that we have mp3's, cd players and all that jazz...

If I were to make a mixed tape now it would have the following spun onto its record, to show off my mood for the moment. I would want to listen to it just as I did as a little one - jeans on, long plait in my hair, sitting downstairs with my cat thinking I was a dreamer.  Hurrah to mixed tapes!

1. Regina Spektor - Us
2. Cat Power - He War
3. She & Him - Don't Look Back
4. Feist - Mushaboom
5. Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
6. Frou Frou - Let Go
7. Nick Drake - One of these Things First
8. Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy in New York
9. The Waifs - Highway One
10. Whitley - Poison in Our Pocket
11. Sia - Buttons
12. Antsy Pants - Tree hugger
13. Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You
14. Ben Kweller - Penny On A Train Track
15. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

What would yours be? right now? for this moment, the songs to describe your mood, strangely enough each song title is something that has crossed my mind during the past couple of days - with the exception of "The Only Living Boy in New York".  x

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So all craftaholics recently came to town wooo! I was keen as jelly bean, woke up nice and early, combed my hair, got a wad of cash out and headed to the entertainment centre, which was to be Craft Expo. 

It was bright and busting to the seams with materials, buttons, patterns, and all things craft alike.  I browsed for 3 hours and came home with some amazing loot.

Anyhoo, here is what I managed to leave with....I had to control myself, seeing as a new laptop was on the cards aswell, boohoo....I would have used a typewriter for the rest of my life If I could have spent more of my dosh on the beautiful Japanese fabrics.

- Japanese fabrics
- Lady Bird stamp
- Applique wonder
- Knitting needles
- Amy Butler material
- Kaffe Fassett material
- & a wonderful bib pattern

p.s The babushka material is to DIE for, as is the Bambi, birds and sausage dog - Ok, it's all killing me!

To Market. To Market

What a lovely day was had.  A Peaceful Sunday with fellow market goers, and my favourites, Bird, Popcorn & Shark.  We drank coffee, browsed the markets and relaxed (sweat in the heat) in our nifty camping chairs.  We met some lovely people, sold a few items of sewing and ended the day perfectly with a browse at the shops. x

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brooch yourself silly

The markets are this Sunday.  I am super nervous, and a tad little excited.  I have been busy sewing up a storm with creations, and I made some more little brooches to take along for the ride.  x

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friends Forever

You know, we have all said it, scribbled it and sung it to each other, "BFF's FOREVER".  My school diaries are covered with those little phrases, amongst other funny little scribblings that start off with, "Hey, what are you doing this wkd? Biology sucks, see you at lunch" - Meanwhile, I am actually sitting right next to you, and I know what you're doing this wkd, you are having a sleep over with me! woooo!

Who are your best friends, the ones that really stood out? How did you meet, come together and then stay together?

I'll start off with Danielle. My preschool bestie. We used to hang out all day at the Preschool, make craft together and then go to each other's houses every afternoon to play.  We really fit perfectly, she would eat Salmon sandwiches and I would eat Peanut Butter.

Nelly. We were cool.  We shared best friends necklaces, an obsession with the Spice Girls, and crimped hair.  I do remember one Friday Night Skating she kicked me with her rollerblade. It took me approximately one skate of the ring to forgive her.

Sarah. We ate nutella sandwiches with hundreds and thousands.  Would wear the same outfits, and she taught me to play "Under the Sea" on her Saxaphone.

Bird. Highschool was all about Miss Bird and myself. Sleepovers watching Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Making Doner Kebabs at 3 in the morning, and developing such a sick friendship that if she were to have a different opinion to mine, well, I would change my opinion to suit hers.  Packed up her life with me to move to uni, and many date nights, phone calls, ridiculous conversations and personal jokes later, she tweeted into my life, and never ever left. My Best Friend. nuff said.

Em. My fellow moey. We used to go walking after school, stop in at Red Rooster and buy chips as we walked.  We would hang out on weekends, talk about break ups, and party and laugh all night.  Em was amazing.

Bike. My touch companion, fellow panda runner, and all round BFF. Bikey loves to soiree with Bird and myself, laugh untill our stomachs hurt, and dress up in lycra to make us smile. I would oil up her bike chain anyday so she could keep on riding beside me forever.

Popcorn. We met at uni.  And now, cannot go one day without seeing eachother. She pretty much rocks my entire world, with her non stop love for Duran Duran look alikes with squeeky voices. I love her.

Shark. We met first day at uni, I looked at her in her crazy sunnies and thought, "I can see us becoming friends". We did, and I hope she never leaves my life.   

Barfield. Fellow uni haller.  We met first day, bonded and now share a love for singing Lonesome Dove until our voices crack, and drinking Tequila untill we wake up on the floor the next morning.  She is that person who without, you would feel something missing.

B-riley. Another uni haller, and another best friend. She makes me laugh with her crazy antics, and I think she is amazing.

Hayley. Fellow Betty Bluer, journalist and uni love. Hayley is just lovely. It's nice to be surrounded with her laughter, and constant crack ups. 

Long list. Perfect friends - old and new. Some came into my life and left, while others have stayed and grown into a family.

I love those kinds of friendships. The friendships where not just the important matters are serious, it's the really trivial, silly matters that are the most important. For example, "I am so annoyed that Cold Rock doesn't have Peanut Butter Choc Swirl again, maybe they only get it in on Mondays, do you think?"

P.s That last comment was actually a real conversation had by myself and Bird last night. x

Belated Birthdays

So, this gift for Shark is nearly a year late... I promised her a softie and it had just never been delivered to her door. So shark, here is your softie all wrapped up to go! I'm hoping because it's wrapped so spesh that you will forgive me for the late arrival x

Meme - Five Faves 3

Woo, it's that time again.  I'm loving this little game.  Please follow along here, its very fun to play each week.

1. Movies.  I'm loving all things cinema, and my favourite leading ladies who inspire me to laugh, cry and be entertained.  Zooey Deschanel can do no wrong in my eyes, her kooky personality in films, her whimsical voice and her pixie cut do'. Maggie Gyllenhaal is so quirky and fabulous, nuff said. Chloe Sevigny, in Big Love,  I love her dead pan character, and her uber coolness she oozes off screen as she frames her face with Ray Bans.  Drew Barrymore, makes me smile.  Helena Bonham Carter, also nuff said.
2. She & Him - still loving their songs this week,  this is my favourite.   
3. WOW! this book. Really Wild Tea Cosies, is in another edition, and I can't wait to test out some of the patterns.
4. All things Chai Tea. Popcorn and I are completely obsessed with these spicey, cinnamon delights. 
5. Finders Keepers Markets I would love to go to these.  Maybe If I beg, a certain someone will take me there in June for a holiday.... x