Monday, May 31, 2010

Meme - Five Faves 5

Wooo! 5 faves again.  Thanks to Pip again, we can all play along. I had the most fabulous weekend, with my most Favourite people. So they will become my first fave for the week.

1. My fabulous friends. We have been wining and dining, having bbq's on the strand, and shopping until we need interventions. I love em'. They make my day that much better.. naw.
2. Crochet Pj pants - These would be wonderful to keep me warm in winter.
3. Pistachio gelato. It is so delightful. Especially when teamed with Hazelnut. Yummo.
4. This photo. How lovely would it be to have a bed on some ol' planks of wood, whilst floating down a river? I know I'd enjoy that.

5. Also, this image. I found this beautiful photo at Pinterest, I absolutely love their website. Definitely full of wonderful snaps, and inspiration!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anthropologie, Make No Apologies

I am obsessed. Why can't this store come to Australia? I love the tea cups, the necklaces, the bed linen, chairs and bags. But most of all I love their shoes.......ah. I could look at them all day. I think my shoe fetish is slowly creeping back, however, this is not so good, as my funds are slowly creeping down again...woops!

I have a few shoes on my list of purchases for winter.

1. Clogs (Insert laughter here, go on, I know you want to)
2. Biker Boots  ( I have been stalking these bad girls down for a while now - love, love, love them)
3. Oxford Shoes

My favourites from Anthropologie

Twenty One

Bird turned 21 this week.  It was a lovely affair, and a celebration was definitely on the cards. I took Bird out for a lunch to Bambini where I enjoyed a coffee and a bagel, and Bird dined on a hot choc and a muffin, then we followed with an afternoon of shopping.  The night was also very lovely indeed, we frocked up and headed out to A Touch of Salt and had a very private dinner with beautiful company, as we wined and dined on bread, salads and fancy tarts. Such a hoot! We finished the night off with a rustic chocolate cake at Popcorn's house.  Hurrah! Happy Birthday my dearest Bird.

*P.s our celebration didn't end there, Bird and I just got back from an impromptu trip into the city where we watched Letters To Juliet, and had a marvellous dinner on the strand followed by gelato.....eeep!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Love

What do you truely love, the things that you love because they bring happiness to your day, your mind and your face as you smile. I love many things - I love heaps of people in my life, but there are those little things whether, big or small, or something that isn't a thing - in fact it could be an image, a smell or sound that cheers you up and that you would confess your true love to - if you could.

I'll start off with Coffee. I could drink coffee all day, it's not the caffeine that captivates me, no sir, it's the lovely coffee mug you get to pour that warmth into, the smell  of the coffee beans, and then taking a seat, some time out of your day and sipping on something that calms you down. There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee with chocolate dusted over the froth on a cold morning. ah.

Craft. I think that that's a given though. I just love all things crafty. People sometimes laugh at it, and call me a nanna. But, I think nanna's are cool. How many lovely memories do you have with your nanna? Sipping tea, eating biscuits and getting passed down some of her precious crafts that she hand made back in the day.  Nanna's are so generous. I love to craft. Sewing pillows, crocheting rugs, drawing, stamping cards and putting effort into making things special for people. Craft is the new craze, and putting your own stamp on things you make from scratch, is just, well - uber cool and crafty I think.

Triple J - This music is my life, home grown talent, and eccentric, eclectic mixes of sounds. Blues and Roots, festivals and the type of music that makes you happy.

The smell of my mum's cooking - I don't know what it is with this, it just reminds me of home. There is nothing I love more than when it's Christmas time and mum has a mixing bowl full of glazed cherries, rum and fruit soaking on the counter. That smell is honestly Christmas to me.

Writing - I love setting up my laptop, typing up articles and all things pen and paper.  I have chosen the right profession for me I think, sometimes I doubt my writing abilities, but I enjoy it so much.  If I could write a blog for a career I would.

Getting Mail - Letters, packages and presents. Checking the letterbox and finding a little envelope addressed to you, is exciting.  I wish we all still wrote letters now. I have so many nice writing sets, and I think hand writing letters is so personal.

Mornings - I love waking up to a fresh start, not knowing what the day will hold.

Haircuts - The freshness to a haircut is something you can't describe. You feel like a new person with just one little snip.

Space - My personal space. Spending time with myself, doing things that I love to do. Just sitting, thinking and being alone. It's nice.

Stationery - Call me a geek if you wish, but this gal loves the ol' stationery. I do, I really do. Buying decorative sticky tape, jute string, writing sets, notepads and moleskins is my thang. Maybe when I become a journalist, I can blame my obsession on my need for 'writing materials' ha.

There are so many other things that I could add to this list, and I'm sure I will think of 100 more as I read this post later, however, these are the things that spring to my mind when I think of things that I love that may be simple, but bring joy to my life in a nice little way. It's strange, these things are mostly priceless, 'things' that don't cost much, but mean a lot. x

*I also really love the picture seen above, it is just beautiful.  I do however, want to dunk those biscuits into a nice cup of coffee - see! it must be love.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meme - Five Faves 4

My five faves for the week.  Thanks for bringing it back Pip, I love to hop on the bandwagon and play along.

1. My new scarf from here. I could have just attempted to knit one myself, but this one just looks so lovely in the store...

2. Family dinners with my friends every Sunday night. They are becoming a ritual, and we just love goofing around and planning what meals to eat.
3. Lola and Bailey - This fabulous tote bag has my name written all over it - well my intial.
4. The weather! I am loving the sudden cold snap, and can't wait to finish uni for the semester and head on home to cold Central Queensland where I can see spend the holidays rugging up and snuggling my nephews.
5. Groove Armada - Paper Romance Enough said. This song is rockin' my socks at the moment, love, love, love it!

What are your five faves for the week? woooooooo x

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm feeling very wintery all of a sudden, and what usually springs to mind is porridge.  I remember being little and waking up for school when it was so cold that my sisters and I used to lay our clothes over the heater to warm them up.  Mum would be in the kitchen making us fresh porridge on the stove - the real kind - no packet mix and microwave for us - woooh! Mum used to always know how much milk to add, and it always tasted so yum.  Every morning I would feel like Goldilocks, however, it was always just right.  Aren't mums great?

Sunday Soirees

My friends and myself are loving family night dinners.  Every Sunday we get together at Popcorn and Music's house and we cook dinner,watch movies, gossip and just chill out as we enjoy each other's company. 

Our very first family dinner was delish.  I made a Houseboat Pie with spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and every cheese possible.  Popcorn whipped up a salad, and Bird bought along dessert, and some popcorn so we could all sit around and watch Steal Magnolias together for Easter! weeeeee!

Another dinner, was held at the Strand along the beach, we hiked our cabooses down to the beach, with bbq supplies on hand and cooked up some snags, vegie patties, and had a mean salad! The weather was so nice, and I got to wear my brand new scarf ! yay.

My friends are so important to me, and I am so lucky to have found such wonderful women to spend my time with.  We love coffee dates, shopping trips and movie nights.  We have our special restaurants we go to for dates, and we talk all day.  I just can't imagine my life without any of them, so anyhoo, we had a very eventful evening last night as we kicked in on another Sunday night dinner!

As Shark and myself were in the kitchen, the rest of the lovely ladies started to read Tarot cards, and the night eventually ended with all of us eating some lovely Potato and Leek soup, and seeing what our future holds. 

We had such a fun night, and I really enjoyed hearing what the Tarot cards had to say about my future - thanks to Psychic Sue - looks like I will be making a move, travelling and all my money problems are going to be sorted out - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Next Sunday we are having a board game night, cooking dinner and then playing some games - no doubt which will bring lots o' laughs.  Stay tuned x

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Archie Turns 3

My nephew turns 3 today. Hurrah! He is having a party at home - which I am sadly missing - however, I am sure he is having  a hip happening party, eating fairy bread, playing pass the parcel and riding around his brand spankin' new set of wheels he got from Mamar and Poppy.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy Birthday Archie William x

Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's starting to get quite cold here, and to think I live in the tropics! I am loving the change in weather though.  Back home, it will be getting to the low 10's in the morning, and trackies will be coming out of everyone's drawers! I state it quite a lot how much I love winter, and how much I really want to move somewhere cold, where 'real' winters occur.  Snow, would be the cherry on the top, most definitely. 

Anyhoo, I am loving getting up in the mornings, having a shower, feeling fresh and then sitting down and enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee, while I read the news, blog posts, and check my emails. 

In 5 weeks time, I pack up my belongings and head home to the chillier parts of Queensland, for a nice little 5 week stay while uni holidays are on. It will be a nice break.  I can see it now - getting up early to start work, spending time with my sister all day, enjoying coffee and the casual banter amongst old friends from work, stopping in at my other sister's house on the way home and seeing the little kiddies, playing in the backyard with them, and cuddling up to them when they're all freshly bathed in their flannels, spending time with my dad at nights while we watch the Discovery Channel, and I sit at the dining table and sew, and then most of all what I'm looking forward to is my time with my mum, sitting around and drinking T2 out of a fabulous tea pot.  Ahhh, holidays. x

*How beautiful is this tea pot cosie?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For a Man, Putting on a Fake Moustache

I love all things moustache. How lovely are these bits and bobs?

1. Moustache Mugs
2. Moustache on a Stick
3. Stamps

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nanna Nighties?

I love nighties. I do. They are so comfy, roomy and just uber cool when worn with bed socks and a robe.  I have always loved nightware, and Peter Alexander has stocked my Pj draw for many years now.  I always, always buy a new set every year at least once, and they last for yonks! Anyhoo, I have been on the hunt for a nightie, and I wanted something fresh, funky and not too nannerish - no frill, lace or linen thanks!

I found the most perfect one today in Cotton On Body - to be exact! It is grey marle in colour, jersey material with uber softness, and has a very cute little blue and white striped pocked.  One new nightie, has definitely set me up for a winter of warmth, I can just see it now, my drawer overflowing with flannel nighties...... I think I am just over excited for Winter to start though. I purchased a very lovely navy knitted scarf today, and drinking tea, eating soup and crocheting my rug have been amped up in the last few days since a nip has sprung to the air.

Winter is grand.  Tights, scarfs, cool mornings and the freshness to the air. I love all things winter, the fashion definitely kicks some serious A.

I am loving this bad girl here. I think I am going to have to purchase it.

Get your mits into this one here

Hurrah for Mums!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Finders Keepers

I have heard about this fabulous Finders Keepers for a while now, and the thought of actually going has creeped right into my mind.  Bird and I took the plunge, bought some flights and now cannot think of anything else that is exciting us more.

We have been discussing quite often the coolness that we will find once we hit Brisbane in June.  It will be the middle of winter, so tights, ballet flats and jackets here we come! Strolling the markets, spending our dosh, and enjoying a lovely coffee or five. Bird will have a hot choc though of course.

We do love a good ol' holiday if I don't say so myself. We do quite a few trips, myself and Bird. A little secret - we actually love to spend time at airports. It's our thing.  We browse the book stores, drink coffee and hot choc, gasp at all the lovely garments in Witchery and French Connection and then chill while we wait to board. I think it makes us feel like high flighers, or something like that.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day, of course

I miss my mother.  She is about 7 hours away, and I really love sitting down with her at night and relaxing, whilst having a pot of tea or two.  So to celebrate her on Mother's Day, I bought her some lovely T2, in English Breakfast (our favourite), and her favourite perfume.

Hurrah to mothers! x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interesting Ideas

On another positive note, I have been thinking about all of the things I have been saying I want to do lately.  Bird and I will be driving, and I will suddenly start rambling on about something I want to try.  I am going to turn that rambling of nothings, into something and maybe set out to try a few of the things I'm yet to master. 

1. Pottery - I want to go to a pottery class, learn to mould things and maybe even walk away with a nifty cup or bowl - and not like the ones we made for Father's Day in preschool (y'know the marble in the bottom, fork stamping around the edge & glazed)
2. Bingo - I think Bingo would be dang fun in fact, I think sitting with your friends, drinking tea, eating scones and maybe even taking home a prize of money would brighten up anyones day. Who said it was just for oldies who bowl, and ladies who luncheon?
3. Canoeing - I have wanted to test out the waters (literally) for a while now.  Jump in a canoe, and head down Ross River.  Bird and I went for a wander the other day.  The river looks ace, with turtles, swings hanging from trees, and uber cute houses lining the waters edge.
4. Art Exhibit - I think this would be most enjoyable.  Wandering around, drinking wine and feeling oh so very upper class for a night.

What do you want to do? any silly little thing, you have either seen on a notice board, heard through the grape vine or thought that you would never have enough courage to try out?

Mending My Unstitching

Yes, I have been on a little holiday from the blogosphere (only one week to be exact), but I'm needing something to distract myself, and thought that a little post would do that.  So here it goes. 

A little bit of optimism, positive thoughts, happy imagery and lots of love going to bird, bike, b-riley, barfield, popcorn, shark & all of those in between, you cheer me up, and you all hold a little piece of thread in stitching me back together x

I will be back doing coffee dates, movie nights and fasta pasta runs in no time...hopefully