Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Beautiful Sister Says I Do

My sister and her partner recently got married. It was a beautiful day, and I could go into so much detail about the happenings and the joyous affair, however I don't think I need to.  All I need to do is show a few snapshots taken by the massively talented Orin and I think you will all agree that a picture tells one thousand words, all of which would be, "My sister is absolutely stunning, and her new groom scrubs up pretty darn well nice too!"

enough said?

Beth, and all that jazz

Popcorn and I went out on Friday night. Common occurence you think? yes, we go out every Friday and Saturday night.  Sometimes for dinner, others for movies, and heck...sometimes it's both! Our small group of friends love to luncheon and wine and dine, and lately we have been amping those bad girls up to the max.  We are all quite aware that we will never live in the same town again, and we are taking advantage of our time together - naww.

Anyhoo, Popcorn and I went out for dinner using one of our cards again, and this time we hit up Bistro One. What a fabulous place it was.  We sat alfresco style, and enjoyed the usual chit chat while people watching as they scooted, drove and passed on by. 

The Jazz festival was in town, so we even got a little looksie and a preview at the wonderful jazz night life. I must say, it was beautiful to sit down, enjoy a lovely meal and a glass of red while listening to some jazz music.  Hurrah!

After dinner we strolled around Palmer Street, talking yet again, and then drove to Juliette's for some Gelato.  I had a lovely little treat of peanut butter and pistachio (my fav) and Popcorn enjoyed strawberry cheesecake... I also snuck in a choc chip cookie - why not? It was a lovely night, spent with the loveliest of company of course.

My weekend was definitely full of plenty of fun - we even made a little stop over to Magnetic Island on Sunday - stay tuned, that post is yet to come.

*Have I mentioned that I am quickly becoming a wino? I am very fond of a drop of red or two

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Impromptu Nights

Last night, Shark, Popcorn and I headed out for an evening of good ol' fashion catch up.  We went to Vine21 the swanky, recently newish restaurant in Townsville that boasts fabulous wines to suit Tapas meals.  It was superb.  We had an entree of breads with dips, and then washed it down with a swirl of wine. Popcorn and I tried a very delish blend of Rose - Rockford Alicante Bouchet 2009 - quite a nice drop, If I don't say so myself! we sipped, swirled and sashayed our glasses, and had beautiful meals. The night however, did not end there!

We left Vine21 and went to see a movie.  After the movie - Step Up 3D (no judgement please, even though it was extremely cliche, cheesy and over the top, it was still quite hilarious and dazzling with talent in parts) - we headed into Flinders Street, where we stoppend into various restaurants and bars.  Sitting in the comfy couches, sipping on complentary soft drink - only one standard drink for me to drive, aren't I a good girl for sticking by the rules? - Anyhoo, we strutted the streets, then head into Palmers Street.  With much giggling, driving, listening to music, singing and chatting set aside, we decided to make an impromptu trip to the Casino. I had never been there before, and not being real keen on the gambling situation, I hadn't even had a need to go there. But judgement aside, I cashed in $20 to get some coins in a cup, got another free coke, and tried my luck at a machine - $16 dollars up later, I took my winnings and we headed on home.  What a fabulous evening! I love good wine, good food and most of all good friends. x

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Birthdays

Henry Anthony, will be turning the big ONE in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate his big leap of a year into a milestone, my sister is hosting a little get together and I am making the drive home for the festivities - hurrah! I am actually just going home for the fantastic cake that will be made - jus' kidding! I can't wait to see my Mum, Dad, Sisters and their families and Jakey of course. 

I have however, found myself in quite the pickel - and not the good kind, with cheese, cocktail onions, gherkins and crackers - the bad kind.  I have no idea on what to get Henry for his birthday. I really wanted to buy him a Mooo name puzzle, but they are sold out! So I'm thinking some spesh little wooden toys instead, so he can grip them with his little hands, and roll them along the floor - or even just chew on when he starts to get gummy.

What are your thoughts?
Wooden toys a go?
Any other ideas on what to get the little tike?

I like this one from Brio very muchly