Friday, January 27, 2012

P.s I love this


I stumbled across this blog today - just today - when it has been around for years.

P.s I Made This, is amazing. I love it. I can't stop browsing it.

I can't choose a favourite D.I.Y project that has been dreamed up, designed and blogged about, so here are a few of the incredibly creative ones that I'm sure everyone who viewed them thought to themselves afterwards:

"Hey, I'm going to try that - get me my pinking sheers, some hot glue and sequins."


All images via here

Fairy Bread Blanket

Remember this post? 

Well, that mum-to-be is now a beautiful mum to baby Ava Belle - and my, is she gorgeous! I cuddled her for over an hour the other day, and couldn't stop looking at her perfect little lips, and brown-peach-fur-like-hair. 

I love fresh babies, and was so excited for little Ava to arrive.  I worked with mum Cathie everyday at my old job, and saw that belly grow until full term, feeling the mighty kicks, and hearing plenty of stories about morning sickness, nursery's and baby bloomers.

When she arrived, it was like one of my sister's had, had a baby - pure excitement!

A much overdue post here, but this is the fairy bread blanket that I made for Cathie for her baby shower.

It was lovely to make - and I learnt how to do french knots - thank you Pip from Meet Me At Mikes, your craft books are fabulous, and I have made lots of little baby gifts from all of the pages for all the mother's I know.

*I've also made baby Ava a quilt for her arrival - using beautiful fabrics.  I was too excited to give it to her, so I actually didn't take any pics before I wrapped it - whoops.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and.... sorry?

Yesterday I got a text message from my sister:

Why have you not blogged for 2012?????

Whoops. I guess I have just been super busy with starting my new job (which I love, love, love) getting over the festive season (plenty of travelling) and my time on the web lately has been dedicated to online shopping.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Meghan, what happened to the New Year's resolution: Stop onling shopping.

It certainly wasn't resolved, in fact I think it got worse in January because I started to look forward to Winter and thought:

"Heck, I better buy some new jeans, accessories and morrocan pouffes, because they're so practical."

Not to mention that I was buying these jeans on January 3, this pouffe on January 10, this ridiculously cheap shirt on January 15,  this new sweater on January 16 and this ring on January 20.

I am stopping as of today I promise.

But to fill you in on what's been happening (other than the over-purchasing) here are some pics.

* Lazing by the pool over the holidays.
* Gingerbread for Bird.
* Herbs in watering cans for a Christmas present.
* Christmas day croissants
* Chocolate truffles for friends.
* Colourful bunting strung high.