Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovely, Lucy

On Monday, I went out for a little date night with lovely miss, Lucy. She's just fabulous, and before my departure in a week's time (out of Townsville, my home of 3 years while I was studying) we decided we would go on a little a date to catch up as we wine and dine of course!

We hopped along to "Garden of Eating", in town, and it was pretty ah-mazing. I felt like we were in a fairy garden, I kid you not.  Excuse me, is that a smoke.machine in that pond? Why, yes it certainly is.  And are those fairies in the kitchen bringing me my grilled artichokes, pumpkin puree, asparagus and chutney? Well, no, that's a little too far but It was just THAT cool.

Luce had a chicken dish, which I'll take her word for it when she said the meal was scrumptious. 

After dinner we cruised on down to the strand and had some gelato.  What a lovely evening, hurrah for new restaurants, new gelato stores and old, very muchly loved friends like Lucy.

Colder Climates are much Cooler for Christmas

A few Christmas holidays ago my family and I travelled to Tasmania for a little stay in the cooler climate.  It was just wonderful. 

The thing I most enjoyed about Tasmania was the chilly days in Hobart where Jake and I walked around the old style buildings and the mall, stopping in at book stores and having Starbucks coffee's every morning to warm ourselves up.  We would walk down to the harbour at 10 o'clock at night before dark had even set in yet and we'd have a seafood basket from Myres.  It was bliss. 

The Salamanca Markets were on Saturdays and we sipped on copius amounts of coffee and wore scarves to keep our necks warm from the breeze.  There were wooden toys, spices, hand sewn quilts and plants that lined the walkways, and what made our holiday so cosy was definitely the cold weather, and a 14 degree day was just what we needed during December. 

We also travelled on down to Port Arthur for the day, again, enjoyed a cappucino or five, and wandered around the scenery.  The flowers in the gardens were beautiful, it was a lovely day, and I'm sure we spent more than 8 hours wandering around the place.  Who would have thought? it certainly didn't feel that long. 

At my sister's, husband's house we met his family and we travelled around his properties where we spent the days, fishing and cooking bbq's out in the open.  It was quiet, and my favourite thing was the location, and the cold weather that forced us to wear socks, flanny's, scarves and beanies all day, while misty rain fell outside.  We enjoyed Christmas Fairs, Cherry Farms, Crepes near Marion Bay and a lovely family holiday that will stay in my memory as the best Christmas ever.  If only we were going to be there this Christmas, I could really do with a nice, cold climate change. * 

*What inspired me to post this today was the cold weather suddenly appearing in Townsville at the moment, it's raining, the sky is grey and it's absolutely perfect..Oh, and I am obsessed with all things Christmas, including holidays!