Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovely, Lucy

On Monday, I went out for a little date night with lovely miss, Lucy. She's just fabulous, and before my departure in a week's time (out of Townsville, my home of 3 years while I was studying) we decided we would go on a little a date to catch up as we wine and dine of course!

We hopped along to "Garden of Eating", in town, and it was pretty ah-mazing. I felt like we were in a fairy garden, I kid you not.  Excuse me, is that a smoke.machine in that pond? Why, yes it certainly is.  And are those fairies in the kitchen bringing me my grilled artichokes, pumpkin puree, asparagus and chutney? Well, no, that's a little too far but It was just THAT cool.

Luce had a chicken dish, which I'll take her word for it when she said the meal was scrumptious. 

After dinner we cruised on down to the strand and had some gelato.  What a lovely evening, hurrah for new restaurants, new gelato stores and old, very muchly loved friends like Lucy.

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