Saturday, August 14, 2010

Impromptu Nights

Last night, Shark, Popcorn and I headed out for an evening of good ol' fashion catch up.  We went to Vine21 the swanky, recently newish restaurant in Townsville that boasts fabulous wines to suit Tapas meals.  It was superb.  We had an entree of breads with dips, and then washed it down with a swirl of wine. Popcorn and I tried a very delish blend of Rose - Rockford Alicante Bouchet 2009 - quite a nice drop, If I don't say so myself! we sipped, swirled and sashayed our glasses, and had beautiful meals. The night however, did not end there!

We left Vine21 and went to see a movie.  After the movie - Step Up 3D (no judgement please, even though it was extremely cliche, cheesy and over the top, it was still quite hilarious and dazzling with talent in parts) - we headed into Flinders Street, where we stoppend into various restaurants and bars.  Sitting in the comfy couches, sipping on complentary soft drink - only one standard drink for me to drive, aren't I a good girl for sticking by the rules? - Anyhoo, we strutted the streets, then head into Palmers Street.  With much giggling, driving, listening to music, singing and chatting set aside, we decided to make an impromptu trip to the Casino. I had never been there before, and not being real keen on the gambling situation, I hadn't even had a need to go there. But judgement aside, I cashed in $20 to get some coins in a cup, got another free coke, and tried my luck at a machine - $16 dollars up later, I took my winnings and we headed on home.  What a fabulous evening! I love good wine, good food and most of all good friends. x

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  1. sounds like a very eventful, fun night to me!! :-)