Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Birthdays

Henry Anthony, will be turning the big ONE in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate his big leap of a year into a milestone, my sister is hosting a little get together and I am making the drive home for the festivities - hurrah! I am actually just going home for the fantastic cake that will be made - jus' kidding! I can't wait to see my Mum, Dad, Sisters and their families and Jakey of course. 

I have however, found myself in quite the pickel - and not the good kind, with cheese, cocktail onions, gherkins and crackers - the bad kind.  I have no idea on what to get Henry for his birthday. I really wanted to buy him a Mooo name puzzle, but they are sold out! So I'm thinking some spesh little wooden toys instead, so he can grip them with his little hands, and roll them along the floor - or even just chew on when he starts to get gummy.

What are your thoughts?
Wooden toys a go?
Any other ideas on what to get the little tike?

I like this one from Brio very muchly 

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