Friday, December 10, 2010

Au Revoir, Townsville & Bonjour, Blackwater

I've left Townsville, finished my degree, moved home, have been absent from blogging, and am currently preparing for my adventure with popcorn as we embark on NY, Ireland, London and Europe - Sheeesh, Kapeesh!
But, I am going to be on the blogosphere as of now, and I shall not be leaving, ever again. Hurrah!

I'm missing my Townsville life a lot. I'm going to admit it - I miss University. Seeing this snapshot below reminds me of stress, but also of morning coffees, late night's watching youtube and Friends, ringing Bird, sleeping in, classes with friends, researching and putting pen to paper to marvel essay's that will hopefully allow me to pass - phew!

I did love University, I did love Townsville and I do miss my life there, but enough with the sad sack that I have become and on with the future - the prospect of a new career in journalism, a new home to finally be able to burr up a Kitchen Aid, and an income that will provide me with the dosh to finance all my trips to the Sunshine Coast to see Popcorn, and to Townsville to see my best friend, Bird and my favourite people - Shark, B-riley, Elle, Harker and of course the rest of the flock, who I miss more than peanut butter misses jelly.

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  1. I miss you so freakin' much. I'm glad you're back in blog mode and I know I get my butt out of gear and do the same.