Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh, Dahling

I have expressed how much I love, the fabulous Miss Dahl many times.  I have also expressed how much I love, Hugh and all things fabulous cooking.

Sophie Dahl, is the queen of fabulous cooking.  I know, I know, Nigella is gorgeous, and noone can whip up a batch of brownies, or a beef hot pot better than this voluptious and lovely lady, but I personally think Sophie Dahl, gives her a run for her cooking apron.

The whimsical new installment, to Sophie's Voluptious Delights, is a new cook book that does justice to her recent television hit, The Delicious Miss Dahl.

I had this bad boy on order since January, when I found out that it would be in print, early September.  It arrived on plane via London, and I am loving this delightful cookbook with every turn of the page.

It's set out similar to her last book, with seasonal chapters, featuring recipes that dictate the vegetables, fruit and flavour in season. 

There are those recipes that are for special occasions - and the ones for Sunday afternoon picnics with a spiked cranberry punch.

I love the fresh produce, the frisky pictures, and the fabulous design aesthetic of vintage cups, enamel cooking pots and embroidered napkins. 

After flipping through this cookbook, you'll want to find a tin watering can to water your herbs and a wire egg basket with a vintage apron to accompany you on an afternoon walk down to the chicken pen to collect eggs for a home-made breakfast fit for the English.

Skip. Don't walk.

*I have an extreme girl crush, to the point where I'm concerned.
** But, who wouldn't?

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