Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tabitha Emma

Her blogs gives you a rare glimpse into her beautifully designed life. White wash walls, flowers in glasses and tea cups resting on antique surfaces around her home. Punchy pink cushions with vintage telephones, and Polaroids strung up on twine. Her home, houses everything that inspires her illustrations.

A beautifully talented Designer and Illustrator based in Sydney, Australia, Tabitha Emma dreams, creates and constantly scribbles down ideas on napkins.

After training at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Fashion and Textile Design and at Enmore Design Centre Tafe in Graphic Design and Communication, Tabitha set out to design her own work that is self described as soft, feminine, handmade and organic.

Blending graphics, illustrations, sewing and all things crafty, her designs ooze her described aesthetic with fine lines and bursts of pastel colours that when hung on any wall in your home, would boast feminine art not only for display, but for an escape into nostalgic imaginations.

“Art has a way of opening up the imagination and taking you where reality can’t. Nothing better than having beautiful pictures on the wall and knowing you are supporting young emerging talent,” explains Tabitha.

Young, emerging talent, she definitely is.

Her illustrations ink images of owls resting on tea cups, bunnies beside a posy, and kitschy design elements of tea stain droplets splashed across the matte paper.

Tabitha Emma makes you want to grab a cup of tea and a cupcake as you browse through her illustrations online, purchasing, with each sip of Earl Grey.

Her self titled blog means you may have to also bake a fresh batch of scones to keep you content. As you scroll through the posts, you spend hours becoming completely aware of how her designs are created.

Tabitha is just as captured in the blogosphere, as her loyal followers are with her words. “Making discoveries, sharing ideas, inspiration and finds, blogs are an amazing resource and a great way for like minded people to share things,” she says.

Her daily musings not only showcase her pending work, but also point out her latest blog crushes and inspirations that she finds.

Lately, these are vintage props, glass jars and posy arrangements that are swirling around in her own mind for her upcoming nuptials.

With her own wedding, Tabitha Emma faces her most exciting design yet. “I think my wedding is going to be the most exciting thing that I will be designing. I am designing my own invites and doing my own styling, so stay tuned for the pretty things I create for it.”

She might just have to fashion a pen on her dress somehow, so that she can quickly jot down all the beautiful ideas that stem from her special day, full of soft, feminine touches, and possibly a vintage tea cup or 30.

* All images via Tabitha Emma

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