Sunday, December 4, 2011

Covetting cuffs

I definitely prefer quality over quantity when it comes to accessories, and these cuffs are no exception.  They are just gorgeous.

The first one comes from Cue, and they have heaps of different varieties. I love their simple accessories - usually, they are located in a glass cased box on the counter, which just makes them look so special and alluring - ha.

Rachael Ruddick is the second cuff, and she makes beautiful bags, clutches and cuffs - of course.  I've seen these ones in my favourite store in Rockhampton, but they don't have the punchy citrus colour in stock.  I think I made the mistake of trying the cobalt blue on though; once try, you want to buy.  I will obsess over both of these cuffs until I purchase them, that is my problem.

Birthday wish list? yes.

1. Cue

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