Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home High Teas

Today, Bird and I headed to the markets in town, to have a little scout around. I had the nicest Chai Latte I have ever had, and Bird enjoyed a hot choc of course. It was so cold, and windy. I wish I had have taken my scarf thank you very much.

After the markets, I went out to my sister’s house for a little morning tea. It was delish. My sisters and I you see are quite obsessed with Kitchen Aid Mix Masters. They both have one each, in the Green Apple, and Almond Cream ( I would definitely buy the pistachio, when it comes to the day), so they have been baking up storms, and much to my liking, we had Jam Drops and Corn Flake bikkies as we enjoyed the peace and quiet.
Hurrah to Kitchen Aid’s, family and home high teas!

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