Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wining & Dining

Tonight we went out on the town, (again) - our dinner dates are fastly increasing, and we seem to be frocking up and heading into the city for a lot ot nights out.  We have been wining and dining our way through a pack of marvellous cards, thank you very much! They are a nice little deal that our lovely city has going, where we can go to one of the places on the cards, and when you buy a main meal you get one free! woooo, Hurrah for lovely dining experiences, and the many more to come.

*Tonight we had Japanese, and then wandered on down to our favourite gelato hot spot on the strand. eep! I also got to wear my new blazer, which kept me nice and warm in the winter chill. brrrr


  1. Food looks delicious! is the deal going in melba or Sydney?

  2. No, strangely enough! It's only Townsville and Cairns. Such a great idea though, and we've been to so many nice places!