Friday, July 9, 2010

Findings Things and Keeping Them

Bonjour, Bird and I are back from our holiday to the big city, and we had a fabulous time. We headed down for the fabulously eccentric Finders Keepers Markets, and while in Brisbane, stood on a bridge listening to Josh Pyke and drank chai lattes in a nifty little nook on the Queen Street Mall - It was tough.

We stayed in a little brick building just two streets back from the mall, and on day one we wandered around the streets, stopped in for coffees, (hot chocolates on Bird’s behalf) and enjoyed relaxing and taking a break.

The Go Between the Bridge Concert was on while we were there, so we scarfed up, walked to the bridge, stopped for Beer Battered Fries and then parked our keesters on the bridge to listen to Josh Pyke, Bob Evans and Angus and Julia – it was pretty ace, and the calzone and pizza afterwards really topped our night. We really enjoyed being able to swing into a restaurant at 10:00 at night and still be able to get a meal, I love how cities never sleep!

The Finders Keepers were the next day so we woke up pretty dang early for both of our likings, and strolled down to the mall for a very ‘ladies who luncheon’ breakfast at pretty much the cutest cafĂ© ever. I enjoyed yet another Chai Latte and some field mushrooms as Bird sipped on a Hot Choc and crunched on Turkish bread. We seemed to drink our way all over Brisbane… in our defence though; the weather did call for us to warm ourselves with shopping, scarfs and hot drinks!

The markets were superb. The Old Museum was so very vintage inside that the stalls fit in perfectly, and the record player reminded me of being a little girl again, with the tunes that were playing, I almost felt like dragging out a skipping rope.

Bespoke Press was my favourite for the day, I had already been pre-shopping on their website, and one of my very first posts was about a tea cup letter press print that I was in love with – well guess who now owns this little print? It’s fabulous.

I also loved Able and Game, I have bought their cards before, but seeing them all lined up next to each other really won me over, and I had to buy more! So many designers were very kooky and cool, and Laura Carney’s bearded men stickers are just waiting for me to peel the backing off and plaster them all over brown paper packages.

We shopped for hours, and bought way too many prints, and then headed on down to the garden to enjoy some cupcakes and a sunbake whilst listening to some uber cool live music. People were lining up for tea and coffee everywhere, and then snapping away with their cameras and enjoying the lovely weather. I love the art crowd.

We had the best time, and topped the day off with some more shopping – for stationery of course. And we tried on some very fabulous shoes in David Jones – Miu Miu clogs are killing me at the moment, and my bank account will certainly not allow it, they were incredible though, and the knock off’s in Sportsgirl are just not the same in my eyes.

Anyhoo, we strolled, chatted, window shopped and treated ourselves to a truffle from a very swanky chocolate store. Who knew Lavender chocolate would be so amazing?

The Finders Keepers won our hearts, Brisbane food satisfied our hunger and we were left wanting more of the city life. On our last night we frocked up, painted our lips red and headed to see Sex and The City for take 2, and then dined on pasta, alfresco style…what an amazing end to a perfect weekend getaway.
Before heading home, Bird and I scarfed up for the last time and enjoyed one more Hot Choc and Chai Latte before we jet setted home.

Finders Keepers I love you x

*P.s How adorable are the fabric softie mushrooms, I wanted to pick one up and take it with me


  1. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time!! I have to admit I do feel a bit jealous! :) Can't wait for our first family dinner when we are all home from uni holidays!! I bet there is so much to catch up on :)

  2. oh, shucks we were your favourite!! Enjoy your print, hope you find a lovely spot for it! xox