Monday, May 31, 2010

Meme - Five Faves 5

Wooo! 5 faves again.  Thanks to Pip again, we can all play along. I had the most fabulous weekend, with my most Favourite people. So they will become my first fave for the week.

1. My fabulous friends. We have been wining and dining, having bbq's on the strand, and shopping until we need interventions. I love em'. They make my day that much better.. naw.
2. Crochet Pj pants - These would be wonderful to keep me warm in winter.
3. Pistachio gelato. It is so delightful. Especially when teamed with Hazelnut. Yummo.
4. This photo. How lovely would it be to have a bed on some ol' planks of wood, whilst floating down a river? I know I'd enjoy that.

5. Also, this image. I found this beautiful photo at Pinterest, I absolutely love their website. Definitely full of wonderful snaps, and inspiration!


  1. I'm too lazy to play the 5 faves myself but I liked reading yours.. love that bed! And crochet anything pants would be cool... I just did a crochet project so have a look if you like!

  2. I would also like to sleep on a floating bed. It would be nice. xx

  3. That bedspread is super cool

    Bird x

  4. Ooh, what a wonderful bed! Lovely photos!