Friday, July 30, 2010

Oskar Rex turns six

My Nephew has just turned six, wowsers! He's no longer a toddler or a tike, he is now a little boy who loves dinosaurs, Iron Man and playing his keyboard - which he got for his big spectacular birthday, thank you very much!

Oskar has grown up so quick, and in those six years that I have been his aunty - possibly favourite, I'm sure Fifi would see otherwise though in the title for best Aunty - anyhoo, I can still remember the day we found out he was on his way, and the day that he came into the world, and even the days when he used to sit on the floor, watching the wiggles and being hand fed pureed pears.  He was a little cutey, and he still is now, with his cute gappy smile, blonde hair, and hilarious humour, Oskar is just wonderful, and I'm so glad that we could celebrate his big milestone with a space party! woooo, calling all robots and aliens, Oskar's Birthday Party was out of this world.

My eldest sister Sarah hand covered spaceships with alfoil, hung them from string, made up galactic space loot pags, and ordered cheese pizza for Oskar and his gang to munch into after their afternoon of crafting their own spaceships, and running around the back yard like a bunch of crazy geese - man, six year olds are so effortlessly cool, and so fun to spend the afternoon with.

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