Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food Fashion Friends

I've got to admit, I love all of the above - but not in that order of course.  Friends always come first when food and fashion are involved. But, we do love the other two when they are strung together like a paper train of hearts.  My friends are fabulous, too fabulous if you ask me, and we love to combine food and fashion for most of our outings, and my latest superb buy was of course Fleur Wood's - Food, Fashion, Friends

I have loved Fluer's clothing for a long time - in fact, I remember reading an uber cool spread on her in Cleo Mag once, and I fell in love with her whimsical clothes that oozed femininity. 

When I heard she was bringing out a book, I quickly went down to Angus and Robertson and ordered myself a copy - and it amazed my little eyes with every flicker of the page. 

The recipes, the styling, the clothes, the designers - ooh, la, LA. I only wish that I could host some of these certainly amazing soirees in the future - my favourite? - the cloud themed hurrah.  Who wouldn't want to attend that partay? I'm sure Popcorn, Bird, Shark, Music and Bikey would be up for one of those shindigs.


  1. I would def. be up for a soiree involving all that beautiful food! Next family dinner?

  2. ooooh fab book!!!

    would make lovely present as well as Pips new one.