Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hosting A Birthday Bash

My sister can definitely host a hurrah of a birthday bash! Bird and I recently headed home for the weekend for little Henry's 1st Birtday party, and it was a bee-autiful day.

Little Henry was dressed in an uber cute Seed shirt, that I wanted to somehow squeeze Jakey into because it was rather dashing, and the festivities went off with a bang!

Sarah had organised a craft table, bubble blowing station and even a jumping castle for the bevvy of tikes to enjoy themselves on.  ALL the food was homemade, and I seriously do not know how this supermum does it.  I secretly think she had a leotard and a cape underneath her party get-up.

Everyone had a ball, and Oskar and Archie played the part of older brothers really well, chasing Henry around and enjoying the festivities that were in full flare!

Pretty amazing afternoon I'd say, and it got better - when all the little tikes were tuckered out and ready for naps, us older kids got to have a go on the jumping castle, and I must admit after all those home cooked honey jumbles, rice crackles and monte carlos I thought I was going to heave - how carnival of me?

Bravo Sarah, the party went off like a frog in a sock, or a bee in a honey pot?

Happy Birthday my dearest little Henry x

*Yes that's Archie naked in the bubble blower bucket, and on the present front, my sister and I agreed to get him the large pull along dachshund from Brio - big hit with Henry!


  1. Lovely blog as always Meghan...
    Oh a pull along daschund... how adorable!
    I have those exact same lanterns (mine are red with white spots though!) I believe they are Robert Gordon lanterns... They are lovely, I'm waiting for the perfect time to use them!

    PS - That is going to be a great photo for Archies 18th/21st there!

  2. Haha, I know, we have so many naked photos of Archie. He likes to get his kit off at every opportunity.

    The lanterns are so nice, Robert Gordon has my heart! You should definitely use them for a morning tea soiree of some sort! ha.

    We are obsessed with Daschunds at the moment..x

  3. LOL - Archie the streaker!
    Crumpet is so cute...
    Yes the lanterns are going to be used for many soiree's (I forsee late afternoon/early evening spring/summer bbqs with them string between trees).