Thursday, September 2, 2010

Balmy Beaches

I have been on a little blog holiday lately - I know, I know slap me over the wrists! I have really just had too much on my plate with uni work, and then my socialness has been going a little overboard - literally actually, as we have been heading to the beach and diving into the ocean lately.
Jake and I headed to the strand last time he visited, and it was just lovely.  We walked along the beach,  took some snaps, headed to the rocks and chilled in the sun.  What a lovely Sunday arve it was, which followed on from a very cool morning.  We slept in, and then headed to a late brekky at Betty Blue (our favourite) and then afterwards strolled on down through the mall, stopping in at books shops and then picking up some lollies from A Spoonful of Sugar - pretty ace morning, If I don't say so myself!
The beaching did not stop there! Shark, Popcorn and I headed to Magnetic Island a few weekends ago, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  We got there early, hired a mini car (pink velvet seats and all) headed up to Horeshoe Bay, and spent majority of the day lazing on the beach, swimming, eating ice-creams and then kayaking around the rocks - how perfect? It was surely a beautiful day, and the company was just as swell. x

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