Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meme - Five Faves 6

I haven't done a little post on this for a while now, and I feel like bringing myself out of my overworked study slump, so listing my favourite things at the moment will hopefully amp up a positive mood for me, don't you think?
Anyhoo, here are my favourite things that are making me smile lately. 

1. Norah Jones and this beautiful song. I've been listening to her whimsical tunes on repeat for the last week and she is calming me down.  This song is beautiful, and it reminds me of my sister's wedding. We played a few songs of Norah's and they fit the mood perfectly.

2. My recent holiday plans.  My friend and I have signed, sealed and nearly almost payed for our holiday next year. We're celebrating our graduation, and a little trip to NYC, London, Ireland, Italy and France is going to be fabulous.

3. Jake's holiday stories.  My lover Jakey is overseas at the moment, while I'm stuck at university - boo.  I do however love his stories and phone calls all day.  I also love his constant purchasing of holiday gifts for me, he's so sweet.

4. This new book.   I already have Pip's other book, and I just recently ordered this bad boy in from Angus & Robertson.  So fingers crossed it won't be too long.  The sad fact is that I haven't been sewing all year... I haven't had my sewing machine at uni with me, and I am very excited to go home for the holidays to spend time with my family as mum bakes Christmas cakes and I sit at the table sewing up a storm drinking Chai Lattes with her.

5. As per usual my clog obsession a.k.a 'clogsession' has spiralled even more out of control.  I actually have to stop. Sportsgirl have new ones in, but it's these bad girls from Gorman that are catching my eye. These clogs are ah-mazing. Actually everything from Gorman's is catching my eye at the moment, including this dress

What are your favourites for the week?

* These are some pictures from home, which are also making me happy this week

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  1. In regards to the third point, I am also enjoying these calls. I think drunk, cheesy italian Jake is fun. His borat-style italian accent amuses me. Amy x