Monday, October 4, 2010

A place called, Betty Blue

On Friday, the lovely miss Popcorn and myself headed out for an early morning breakfast to start planning our overseas adventure. 

At the end of the year we finish university, with both of us graduating as eager new journalists! hurrah! We are uber excited, and to celebrate our hard work over the last three years we are planning on a holiday break to Ireland, London, New York, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Spain and all those little places in between.

So, we headed to Betty Blue to discuss our plans, and decide where and when we want to set off on our very own 'Euro Trip'.

Contiki is ticking all of our boxes, and I especially love the Amsterdam trip, where we will be going to cheese farms AND, wait for it.....a clog factory, where we will learn how real clogs are made! seriously, it's my dream come true - Cheese and Clogs! eeep. 

The Italian trip will also be amazing as we stop off in Verona (where Letters to Juliette was filmed) and we'll get to reenact Romeo and Juliette's famous love scene - Beth, can I be Romeo?) - More on our trip later though, stay tuned!
Anyhoo, our breakfast date was amazing, filled with lots of talking, sipping on coffee, and some wonderful plans for our future holiday together - I can't wait.

Until next time, I love you Betty Blue...

*Seriously Betty Blue, I don't want to leave Townsville because of you. You and your 'shroom bruschetta, and your waffles. BOO

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  1. meg, if you go to betty blue one more time without me i may just disown you!!!