Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Cup of Jo, please

A few weeks ago, while mum and I were doing some Christmas shopping out of town, we stopped in for a Cup of Jo. I ordered a mocha and mum ordered a cappuccino. We were so pleased when they arrived at our table, and they were decorated in such a lovely fashion – so creative, and they made the coffee taste better, I kid you not. The chocolate syrup draped across the foam spelling out, “mocha”, made me take a moment to marvel at the creativeness of a kitschy little worker who mastered the best mocha I’ve ever had.

I have come to a conclusion about coffee and tea – there are better ways to enjoy a good cup of cof, and they all begin with the mug. Call me high maintenance, but, I cannot drink coffee or tea out of an ugly mug. Yep, it’s all fine china, Starbucks mugs and expensive handmade porcelain for me. I’m sorry but it’s just not the same. If you’re relaxing with a lovely tea cup and saucer, that makes you smile everytime you take a sip, you’ll enjoy that bad boy a whole lot more than if you were drinking it out of a standard white mug, ugggh.

The art of coffee drinking, and tea too also comes down to who makes it. Have you ever heard someone say to you, “it always taste’s better when someone else makes you a cup of coffee or tea?” – well I say this quite a lot, and it’s true. When my mum makes a cup of tea, it’s so much better than when I do. It’s smoother, sweeter and just strong enough. Even if someone else stirs in the instant coffee, it tastes better.

Another fact – Coffee and tea taste better when the weather outside is cold – when it’s raining, snowing, the air cons on, someone is pointing a fan at you or even a fake snow machine – it’s all the same. You’re not sweating, the hot mug (only nice mugs, thank you very much) warms you up, and it’s just common knowledge that you enjoy a hot cuppa when you need a good warmin’ up.

Another fact – takeaway cups. Coffee on the go taste’s so much delish when you take the lid off the paper cup. Try it. Next time you’re at Gloria Jeans, sit down with your best friend Jo and pop the lid. Eat your froth in peace, and think about how much better it is to drink your cof without the lid on, so it’s not sealing in that smell of those roasted, bad boy beans. I’ll take my Cup of Jo to go, thanks

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  1. nice work.i love your work.
    your cups both of nice.