Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas, Kooks

The Silly Season has come and gone again, and as most of you are aware – we are currently flooded in, in Central Queensland.

But gloom aside, Christmas day was just lovely, and the pouring rain didn’t stop Oskar, Archie and Henry from running amuck, as they always do.

We unwrapped gifts early in the morning with high spirits, and enjoyed coffee, croissants and the usual festivities of the Big Christmas Breakfast. The kids ran around with their gifts, and were more hyped up than a cordial junkie, as they built train sets, played with Harry Potter wands and ate so much chocolate that we got chocolate kisses all morning.

After a lovely day of relaxing in the cool air and spending time with the fam, my mum, sister and I headed downstairs to sit with the kids and drink some Earl Grey, as they sloshed their Tonka’s through the puddles and stripped off their clothes to play in the rain. It was a less traditional Christmas day than usual and we were missing our other sister who was spending the festive day with her husband’s family, but still, the day was full of oodles of presents, bon-bons, ham, chocolates, fruit cake and all that Christmas cheer, that we’ll no doubt bring in the silly season again with next year.

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