Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Pool is Cool

I completely have a new found respect for the town pool. I used to practically live there when I was young, and now, it's toats bangin' again, y'all....(is that hip talk?)

When I was in Primary School my boyfriend (we were year 7 lovers - which was strictly forced hand holding at lunch, and he would ride his scooter beside me as we walked home) and I used to go to the pool every afternoon, it was the thing to do.  We'd lay on the hill, eat Big Boss sticks and get an ice-cream on the way home. 

When I was in high school, my friends and I would hang there every weekend.  Bird and I were seasonal swimmers, which meant we would go there every weekend (even thought she had a huge pool in her very own backyard), get chips from The Sail Inn and eat Frosty Fruits while we read the new Cosmo.  A mat was $2 to hire out, the music was loud and totally from the new So Fresh cd, and we thought we were all that, and a bag of hot chips with chicken salt and tomato sauce. 

It was cool, and the Town Pool was definitely a big part of my growing up.  I moved away, didn't want to wear a bikini in public and never saw that bad boy again...until, I came home for the holidays this year and have been hangin' back at the ol' pool every afternoon with my sister and her kiddles.

I must say, the pool has been revamped with new paint, new buildings and a new cafe that serves wonderful coffee, cinnamon donuts and curly fries with a side of aioli - very hip. 

We've been relaxing  at the pool a lot,  my sister makes cookies, we take our colourful towels, and we have a swim, a relax and then enjoy a cup of jo with a cookie in tow. The kids enjoy splashing around, chillin' in the baby pool and getting a bag of lollies, just like we did when we were young nippers, hangin' at the pool with our friends.

The town pool you ask? totally cool again. Run! Don't walk there, on the weekends.


  1. littlest things in lifeJanuary 09, 2011 1:41 PM

    but isn't it raining cats and dogs?? cause if it is, you're going to get wet!!
    be wary of warm patches! :)

    miss you!!!

  2. I love the pool and like you it was a familiar backdrop to my childhood and teen years. I moved to the beach and me and the pool parted ways. Ive been thinking about or rather been having urges to submerge myself in the cold waters of a deep outdoors pool. I might just go but Ill wait till the kids are back at school so I can really enjoy the experience.