Monday, July 11, 2011

H is for Home

Soph was leaning against the caeser stone bench in her new pristine kitchen, holding a red spotty tea cup that was only filled with air; she was laughing, and telling me that I make her do ridiculous things.

“But, this is how they do it in Real Living!”

Her husband Justin was making fun of us and cackling in the hilarity of the moment that I had staged to get a good shot of her ‘acting natural’, so that I could do a blog post on their beautiful home that will house their young family and many kooky memories; like the one we just made.

“Soph, remember that time I made you hold an empty teacup in the kitchen and pretend that you were making coffees, for the sake of my blog?”

Yes. Yes I do.

Silliness aside, my sister and her husband have been living in their brand new home for a few short weeks, and it’s just lovely.

They bought their first block of land, designed their home and 12 weeks later, Voila! It was done.

Filled with occasional chairs, copious amounts of glass jars that house spices, patty cake papers, jewellery and flour, there are white frames stacked against each other housing candid shots of their wedding day, and cane baskets lining their walk in robe.

Antique hutches filled with tea cups, pots and linen tea towels stand against their un-marked walls, and timber bi-fold doors line the entire space peaking out onto the deck.

The timber boards wrap around the white house, with a rustic table, day bed, pillows and Adirondack chairs facing the mountains, next to stools covered in books, making a perfect nook for a Sunday morning coffee.

Vases with flowers are resting on hutches, tables and chairs placed sporadically around their home, and as soon as you walk inside you feel welcomed by their beautiful furnishings and open doors that show their three dogs sprawled out on the lawn.

I might just head over there this arve, for a rest on their wooden stools, as I lean over the island bench and chat to my sister as I drink a coffee that she has made me, in the red spotty tea cup… this time, not staged.

*I didn’t include the ‘staged’ photograph; it was way too funny.


  1. I want this house! Ask Sophie if she'll ship it to Sydney for me! xxx Miss you like ca-razy!

  2. Haha, I'm sure she wouldn't mind shipping it to Sydney, if she could live in it there!

    I miss you, and will have to call you to catch up and hear about all your new adventures! x

  3. Beautiful post - the photos were gorgeous. I loved visiting Sophie's home and looking at all the amazing pieces she has put around to make it feel like a home. And that day bed on the verandah looks sooooo inviting! I can't wait to see how she has changed it on my next visit x

  4. I want to see the staged photo!!! Great post, the house looks as good in real life as It does in the photos xx

  5. Love the kitchen. Can't wait until I see it in person!

  6. Shark, when you visit you'll be making gnocchi in that bad boy!