Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Positive Post 2

It's Positive Post time again, and lot's of things have been happening lately to bring a smile to my cheeks. 
We've been celebrating birthdays, and baking, taking day trips out of town, and doing funny photo shoots at my sister's house.  It's been a lovely few weeks, so I've listed five things that have really made me happy over the last few days.

1.  Hermit Crabs in a pet store. Jake and I nearly left with one, even though we both don't have anywhere to put a fish tank, let alone bring a pet into our life.

2. Oskar, Archie and Henry playing together so nicely and sharing. I even spotted Oskar dipping Henry's brush into the paints for him.

3. Vintage shopping with Bird. I nearly left with approximately 10 ceramic owls.

4. Reading magazines about beautiful Australian locations.

5. Baking pear tarts.

What things have been making you sit back and smile lately? A kite in the sky? A dog wearing a jumper? or a moustache on a man? 

1 comment:

  1. I had a similiar experience with two black googly eyed goldfish on the weekend haha. I wanted to take them home as soon as I saw them! Other things that have made me smile this week are: spending time with my family - from going out for breakfast to watching Q&A on TV together, listening to new music, reading The Time Traveller's Wife, to buying a new dress!