Monday, February 6, 2012

Blackdown Tablelands

Over the weekend Jake and I decided to drive up to Blackdown Tablelands for a swim, a spot of lunch and a look around.

My family used to go to Blackdown Tablelands all the time when I was little; swimming in the rock pools, catching tadpoloes, having picnics, and climbing the waterfalls, I have wonderful memories there.

It's a really beautiful spot, and with all of the rain that's been showering our region over the last few weeks, we knew Rainbow Falls would be beaufitul at the moment.

I didn't realise how unfit I would be though.  Once we parked up, we started the half hour walk.  Yes, it's only about half-an-hour, and in most parts the trek was downhill.  We stopped a lot of the way to take photos and look at the sights, and I may have had a snake scare (I thought I felt something touch the back of my leg, and I did somewhat of a little dance and was then petrified that I would see an actual snake for the remainder of the walk).

Once we got to the falls, we walked down the 232 (or nearish) steps, and relaxed by the water.  It was really lovely, until, we had to hike back up.  I took 4 steps and felt my legs cave in.  Bad girl nearly needed to be piggy-backed. 

It was hilarious, and a really lovely day.  We had a picnic lunch, relaxed and got quite a bit of exercise.

When we got home, I slept for hours. Sheesh!

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful. Would love to visit sometime x