Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday!

I hope everyone had a beautiful day, celebrating all the ones they love. 

I had a really lovely day, I got to report on some gorgeous stories around town (a baby girl born, and some elderly ladies making handmade cards for their was beautiful). 

I also ate way too much.  We had a red velvet loveheart cake at work, which I made for Bek's birthday, and then I got home and Jake and I showered each other with a very similar gift.

I had made Jake a stack of red velvet heart shaped cakes, and then melted down his favourite chocolate (Cadbury Black Forest) into the shape of lovehearts as well.

I was just about to give him his gift, when I was blindfolded and then surprised with a whole stack of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and chocolate letters on the top spelling out, "I love you Meghan", it was very cute, and bad boy made everything himself, so now he has no excuses in the kitchen department, I say!

We ate too many cupcakes last night. Shiz.

It was a lovely day. Homemade gifts are the best*, which brings me to my latest online love.  These fantastc DIY elbow patches care of Honestly WTF - Honestly, they are amazing. I wish I had of seen them a week ago, so I could have sewed some lovehearts onto a sweater and gave it to Jake, haha. I would have made him wear it throughout all of winter.

*Jake knows how much I hate red roses. Bless him.

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