Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bringin' back the Balayage

If one more person utters these words to me, "Darl you need your roots done", or "Why is your hair two colours?" I am possibly going to get a shirt made that says, "Balayage is in, bad ass".

I've been on the Balayage Bandwagon for some time now, and over the last 18mths I have been growing my colour out and then gradually getting my sister to use her trusty hairdresser skills to lighten my locks. 

It looks cool on Alexa, and I think that gal is cooler than an ol' fashioned fan-sing-a-long, so I followed suit.  My friends get it, my family get it, but a lot of others didn't really hop on the balayage train and ride it all the way to the end, instead they bought a ticket and decided it looked awful and demanded their money back. Shame on them!

There are also those other peeps, that don't know what balayage/ombre is, and question why you haven't taken that much needed trip to the hair salon to get a touch up.  Before I touch anyone up with a bottle of peroxide to the hair (I kid, I kid) I advise everyone to google Miss Chung, and get on that train, ride it to the end and bring balayage into your life, because you'll never look back, peeps.

CHooooo CHooooo!


  1. HAHA. I can't believe people are saying those things to you. Very cute post anyway x

  2. Hahaha I love all those train analogies! Love you x Bird