Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friends are Family

Jake and I were driving home from a Christmas shopping trip yesterday, and I was head-down and fully immersed in my Frankie magazine and after reading the article, 'Best Friends Forever', by Marieke Hardy, I instantly text, Popcorn to let her know that our favourite magazine had hit the stores. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Bonjour, the new Frankie's out, and it's good!
Popcorn: I know, I'm reading it as we type. It's getting me through my train ride to Brisbane.  Did you see the article on BFF's?
Me: Yes, I just finished reading it, we are kindred. Go to page 49.
Popcorn: The man with the beard and the fox hat? haha, yes we are kindred.

It's little things like this that cement my friendships. Simple things like, being 8 hours away from each other, but still picking up a magazine that we both love, and reading it at the exact same time and thinking of each other. After reading the first line of the article, I realised that yes, when we are all together, I do look around at them and think how lucky I am, and when we aren't together I still look around and see them. 

Case in point: Jake and I were in a shop yesterday and I looked over and saw a paper crane ornament.  Instantly I picked it up, twirled it on my finger and thought of Shark.  A few months ago she caught the origami bug, and made us all paper cranes out of envelopes, and now, whenever I see anything origami-related she springs into my mind.

Another Case in point: Denim dresses. Bird you know this is about you, and all the rest- Sideburns, Kevin Bacon, fur vests, Bieber fever, plaited rats tails, my hatred for RW, German Shepherds, heart attacks under beds, green polka dot dresses in kindy photos and the list could go on for as long as we've known each other.

How lucky I am to have these wonderful people in my life, that aren't just friends, but permanent -  like the image of a naked grandma at the beach in a string bikini on a rolled out bamboo mat- Friends, this is how I see you,  Pina Colada and all.

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