Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In 2010 I...

· Became obsessed with red lipstick · Made a crochet rug · Started drinking red wine ·  Fell in love with Mad Men · Cut my hair short · Gained another brother in law · Had my heart broken, and then mended again · Became a journalist · Sold clothing at the markets · Went with my best friend to the Finders Keepers · Added another Starbucks mug to my collection · Learnt to cook pies · Bought too much Mt Washi decorative tape · Stopped collecting Russh magazine · Wrapped everything in brown paper with string · Started to wear heels out all the time · Collected clogs · Booked an overseas adventure · Dined out at least once a week  ·  Always greeted with Bonjour · Tweeted movie trailers to my friends · Perfected the art of shortbread · Turned 21 · Made a popcorn birthday cake · Found the perfect vintage floral tea cup · Started wearing a watch · Watched Sharkweek on YouTube · Got given a moustache mug · Watched Nigella and River Cottage with my mum · Said goodbye to beautiful friends · Found my new favourite drink of, vodka, cranberry & lime · Tasted the best mushroom arancini · Embraced shoulder pads · Balayaged my hair · Wore tights as pants · Listened to French music · Got my braces off · Bought a red casserole dish · Met Angus & Julia Stone · Ate fig and mascarpone gelato ·  Won a game of taboo · Started drinking Chai lattes · Lived next door to my best friend · Wished there was such thing as the game, Bamboozled  · Found the perfect spotty cardigan · Wore nude nail polish until it chipped and flaked off · Watched Friends every day · Missed my family a lot · Made batches of gingerbread men · Drank mojitos while listening to jazz · Said I love you, to someone everyday ·

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  1. I as read this I am sitting on the couch watching River Cottage with my dad x