Thursday, March 3, 2011

I heart Bumblebee

I'm back from my fabulous holiday overseas, and I promise, there will be many blog posts on each location, Popcorn and I visited, but, for the time being I have this little post that has been buzzing around lately (intended pun ha!)

Alex Monroe I am in love with you and your creative genius.

As most of you are aware, I have a sick obsession with all things Chung, Yes, I know I need to see a doctor for all my obsessions - Moustaches, Clogs, Balayage, Mad Men, Mulberry bags and my most recent and sickening one - definitely the Chung.  I saw her wearing a little bee necklace in a photo one day, and instantly fell in love. 

When Popcorn and I were in London, I bought a knock off version, and was hell bent on tracking the original down. 

Voila! I found the designer, and Boom! they stock the necklaces in one of my favourite stores just 2 hours away from me.

I'm sold. Wrap it up to go!

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  1. 'The Chung' I love this. Bird x