Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beth, Blackwater and Breakfasts all wkd

I write this post as I sit downstairs with a copy of the new Peppermint, and a fresh pot of Melbourne Breakfast. This little routine is what I do every weekend; except last weekend I had a tag along – Beautiful Bethy, was sitting across the table from me also enjoying a nice drop or two.
Miss Popcorn came to visit for the long weekend, and it was pretty dandy. I picked her up from the airport and we enjoyed a good ol’ fashioned breakfast together just like old times.
I looked forward to that breakfast for two weeks before she arrived. I really miss my friends when they’re away from me.
When we were in Townsville, we used to dine out for breakfast all the time. We’d be dropping in to Gloria Jean’s for a quick Chai Latte, meeting up in her lunch break for a dotty cookie, and our Friday and Saturday nights were permanently booked for movie and dinner dates.
I miss seeing Beth every day, so the weekend was a perfect three days spent in Central Queensland, sipping tea, eating banana bread and cruising around just like old times.

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