Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fishing on a Saturday

Yesterday Jake, Shane and I packed up the car and went fishing for the day; and it was really lovely.
I packed my bag with a few things – banana, sunglasses, camera and a few magazines, just in case I felt like lazing around and reading; this was not the case.
As we drove out to the “fishing spot” we actually ended up going four-wheel driving; I was juggling two coffees in my hand as Jake was lighting up a smoke and tearing through the mud. It was so much fun.
We carted all our gear down to the weir and set up camp for a few hours, while we cast a line and soaked up the sun. The boys then decided that they wanted to go for a wander down to a “better spot”, which meant traipsing through the bush, carrying rods, buckets and all that jazz; while managing not to fall over into the water.
I managed to get myself fairly stuck in the mud, and while Jake was trying to help me out, I sunk in past my knees... luckily; Bear Grylls has taught me how to wriggle my way out of sticky situations. My situation, definitely kept us entertained for the rest of the afternoon.
We then decided to head to another spot, and it was beautiful. We waded through the water, set up camp on some rocks, and I caught a fish!!
A few hours later and we headed home, for a BBQ after such a nice day.
Jake and Shane cooked me up some Salmon, eggplant and asparagus on the grill, and we sat around the fire listening to some good ol’ Creedence, Fleetwood Mac, Counting Crows and Powderfinger.

**I may or may not have drunk three bottles of red, fell off my chair and ended up dancing with those two crazies.

It was a fabulous day spent with my lover and his best friend.

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