Friday, June 24, 2011

Positive Post 1

I’ve decided to do positive posts – daily, weekly or monthly – to remind myself of the lovely things that make me smile.

I’m feeling very happy lately, and I think it is a combination of being happy in my relationship, loving all the writing I’m doing at work, and the fabulousness of winter that’s seeing me outside enjoying coffee and conversations with my family and friends.

So I’m starting my first Positive Post off with five things that made me smile over last weekend.

1. My herb garden growing out of control

2. A surprise trip to New Zealand

3. Getting to wear my loafers

4. Feeling cold enough to start to Crochet again

5. My mother getting the pasta sauce stain out of my new anorak jacket (that wonder woman could get anything clean!)

What positive things made you sit back and smile lately?

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