Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I heart red velvet

I was having a mini bake-off over the weekend. Yes, with myself. I have all these recipes that I want to try out of new cookbooks! I’m starting to feel like Julie Powell.

Anyhoo, I made Jake and I pot pies for dinner (beef for him, vegetables for me) and they were scrumptious; made in little ceramic dishes with mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a gravy sauce.

I was definitely feeling the love over the weekend, so I made little puff pastry love hearts for the top (haha). I think this just stemmed from me trying to make Jake laugh. I also baked potatoes in the oven, with garlic butter. I love a good roasting!

I then topped the little feast of with a mini cake for dessert, in no other than my favourite cake batter – red velvet.

I am a big supporter of The Velvet. When Popcorn and I were in New York, I’m pretty sure I ate an average 3 cupcakes a day from Magnolia Bakery, and my favourite was definitely the red velvet with piped cream cheese icing. The taste is so different. It’s not chocolate, and it’s definitely not vanilla; it’s almost a mixture of both, with a deep red tinge. They are heaven in a patty cake paper.

So I busted out my red velvet recipe and made a love heart mini cake from my spring form tin, and iced it with cream cheese and a cocoa dusting.

We halved it. Awww

 *I had enough spare batter to make five cupcakes, so I took them over to my sister’s house. The three little cherubs and Sare and Russ loved the red velvet out of them! Crump (the very naughty sausage dog) even had a taste of one.

** Pet hate #567: People that ‘make’ red velvet cupcakes by just adding red food colouring to vanilla cupcake batter. These people tsk, tsk, tsk.

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