Friday, August 5, 2011

Zoe & Morgan

Yes, they are very cute names, and yes they make very cute jewellery.

While gallivanting around Queenstown one morning, cupcake in hand, pastry on face and peanut butter cup stashed in my bag, I stopped into a very quaint little store in an alley way.

Seems very suspicious, but no, there were no bright lights and whips.  There was however fringing and tassels on shoes, fabulous designer wears, and a little bookcase with intricate pieces of jewellery placed on glass shelving.

I immediately spotted a ring in the shape of a knot, with rope detailing. I fell in love, tried it on, and took it to the eccentric lady at the counter to "wrap it up to go!!"

Zoe & Morgan, cha-ching!

image via here

*Bonus points for the New Zealand conversion rates

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