Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Positive Post 3

1. Fresh flowers and a new wooden carrier
2. Jake and Shane amusing me by working on his car
3. Henry enjoying a red velvet cupcake
4. Fresh spinach from my sister's house
5. Oskar and Archie sloshing their Tonkas through the mud

What things have been making you smile lately?

Cats wearing pyjamas?

Breaking a scotchfinger in a clean snap?

*Or if your name is Amy Bird - finding a crochet female reproduction decoration on Etsy?


  1. Hahahaha My name is Amy Bird, and I too found a crochet decoration of a female reproduction organ on etsy!! What are the chances?!

  2. I know! Especially when you type in the search bar, "crochet female organs"... I know you typed that in!