Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A coconut whisper and a cuppa?

This week I tried my hand at some traditional New Zealand baking, as I bought the most beautiful cookbook on my travels.

The book, "Ladies, a Plate", featured in Frankie numerous times, showcases a bevy of traditional baking ranging from biscuits and slices to cakes, featured on doilies, vintage plates and photographed to perfection, by none other than the author herself, (who also, cooked all of the recipes in her own kitchen and photographed them for the pages). 

I baked Afghans and Coconut Whispers from the lovely cookbook, and they turned out just like the photographs on the pages.   Everyone at work loved trying them!

I tried Afghans while we were travelling around New Zealand (afer a lovely lady I work with, told me they were heaven in biscuit form).  I was very much taken with these little bite sized biscuits.  They have a dry consistency, and the cocoa mixes with the cornflakes to create a dark and crunchy cookie, that isn't sugary.  The fudge icing adds the sweet flavour, and the walnut balances out all the different textures.  They are, amazing. 

I have very fond memories of sitting in cafes eating an afghan with a cappucino. 

You can read about, "Ladies, a plate" here.   

What recipes have you discovered whilst on travels?

* I added jam and a white chocolate ganache to the coconut whispers; they looked like mini scones.

**While I’m on the baking bandwagon, I also have a post which will be uploaded soon, on a special dessert I baked for Jake, over the weekend.

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  1. yuuuumy! that book and your treats look deeeelicious!