Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carry on Luggage

My everyday bag is quite large.  It has everything from cameras to toothbrushes crammed into it, and loose change casually clinks together as I swing it over my shoulder.  Every now and then I do the regular clean out of old receipts, bobby pins and change, however, I always have the same things in it for "just in case" situations.

What do you carry with you everywhere? Bird likes to have her Leatherman on her, she takes it everywhere in its little case.  I'm waiting for her to clip it onto her belt. 

I like to not go anywhere without my - moleskine notebook, tea bags (chai & english breakfast) and a good pen. You never know when you're going to have to sit down with a cup of tea and write something after all! x


  1. I love that you have an oversized bag... it makes carrying my things so much easier for me!! Bike xx

  2. I do love my leatherman. You never know when you'll need to saw a branch/tighten a screw/cut an apple/use pliers, Bird xx

  3. I do agree. The Leatherman did come in handy for the washing machine dilemma

  4. My bag is probably what you would call medium size. I always make sure I have my phone, wallet, sunglasses, iPod, lip gloss, house and car keys and chewy.

  5. my bag is literally big enough to fit a dead body in. does that freak you out?
    forbsie xx