Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pass the Popcorn Please

My friend you see, has quite a sickening obsession with movie popcorn. To the point where she will drive her beaten up ol' blue bird of a box to the movies to grab a box of that buttered up delight.

Movies are something we all take part in quite frequently... It's date night after all, and growing up, Bird and I used to rent Dirty Dancing and Footloose out every weekend. We would saddle up on a mattress, squeeze out some fresh cookie dough and take in all the sights of Kevin Bacon's fine looking behind in high waisted wranglers. Every weekend.

So this weekend, we have decided to go back to childhood, and have a good ol' fashioned movie night, with popcorn, doonas, friends and of course Kevin Bacon...maybe with an exception of a few spiked beverages.

What are your favourite movies to watch on date night, girls night or just those days when its bleak outside and nothing would seem better than to escape into a small lakeside vacation spot, and have a steamy fling with a dance instructor... to have the the time of your life.
I would have to say...

1. Pride & Prejudice
2. Almost Famous
3. You've got Mail
4. Milo & Otis
5. Breakfast Club
6. Sixteen Candles
7. Rock n Roll Highschool
8. Reality Bites
9. Footloose
10. Jaws


  1. Leave LBL alone! She is not beaten up!

  2. I am loving this blog! With you in cookie dough always and forever, Bird xx

  3. Love this blog, Milo & Otis - Nikki & I used to love that movie we got in oh VHS. lol, glad to see someone else other than us loved it!x

  4. Out of all these movies i have only seen Almost Famous... I am in desperate need of a movie marathon! Bike xx