Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eggcellent at Easter

It is that time again, when the Easter bunny has hopped right into our paths again with his brightly coloured foil wrapped easter eggs. I like Easter. I like the bonnets, the easter hunts and the fact that it's ok to eat chocolate for breakfast.

I also like to give Easter gifts, but sometimes eggs can be expensive and boring. So why not make them yourself and package them in too cute jars that can be used again for other bits and bobs once the bunny has hopped off.

To package up your home made eggs, you can reuse old glass jars from jams and spreads that have been washed out and ready for use again. Stack the different shaped eggs inside the jar and decorate the container.  

I used MT Masking tape purchased from Notemaker to decorate the top of my jar with an eclectic mix of colours and patterns. I then used a wooden rabbit stamp on some brown Kraft cardboard and made a gift tag which was secured with brown jute string in a bow around the jar.

The end result was a home made crafty gift that can be given to all ages. Cost effective and not time consuming this little package will delight all Easter lovers no matter how young or old. x

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  1. totally cute. love the jar idea, hating I didn't think of it... Jar is so much cuter at Easter than a box. Thanks for the inspiration! <3