Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meme - Five Faves

So, Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes (my favourite blogger), has a new meme, where you post your 5 faves for the week.  The things you love, enjoy or just think are pretty cool for the week. 

I see a lot of things that I love during the week, sometimes twenty things in one day.  But a few stand out from the rest.

1. This blog.  My sister showed this lovely blog to me a while ago, and every now and then I stop in. It made me cry, in a good way though. Vey beautiful.
2. My fabulous new typewriter. I've been typing up letters all week, stamping them and then tieing them up with some string.
3. Lola & Bailey, Wow! This website has definitely been my favourite for the week. I would really, really love a tote with my initial. It would look uber cute as I tote around my library books, crafting supplies and groceries.
4. I love stationery, I really do. This website is my favourite every week. Go look, you won't leave empty handed.
5. Angus & Julia - their new album has been my favourite thing to listen to every day, all day and all night, as I drive to the shops, and as I get ready in the mornings, permanent playlisting going on here. Black Crow & Big Jet Plane are amazing songs, while listening you drift off to a place of enchantment. Maybe I just love Angus though.

There are my faves for the week - I do have plenty more, I really do. x

1 comment:

  1. Nice faves! I wish I had a typewriter to, a bit envious I am.
    I'll have to get my hand on the new Angus and Julia. I quite like the one I have titled A Book Like This.