Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Softies Who Smile

I like to sew. I love to piece something together to get a fabulous end result, sometimes, more than likely looking better than you first expected. 

Softies are fun.  I like deciding which materials to use, embroidering on their little faces and smiles, giving them personalities and them wrapping them up as gifts. 

These softies which I made from the Meet Me At Mikes crafty book, have come in really handy for eensy weensy baby gifts.  However, these softies were actually given to my friends, who like to prop them up on their beds.  Bird wore hers out so much it lost its eyebrows and eyelashes - and she needs a little more stuffing.

Anyhoo, here are the lovely softies - which I can't bare to give away anymore. x


  1. I never got my softie :(


  2. Actually miss, your softie is sitting in my room. I will wrap her up in some brown paper tied up with string and she will be on her way to your house :)

  3. i see my beautiful softie made it onto the page...delightfully amazing miss meghan you've done it again :) xxx


  4. I never received a softie either :(
    Although I do have a wonderful pillow.

    Popcorn x

  5. I received a softie... It looks like a dog... it was supposed to look like a Panda... Still SUPER CUTE!!

    Bike xx