Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

On Sunday I was enjoying a lovely morning at my sister’s house with plenty of cups of tea and lazing around in the yard. She has three boys under 6, so it’s nice to round them up and head outside so they can run around, drive their trucks and explore their huge backyard.

We like to sit on the grass and chill out though, as they run a muck around us. We did however, stroll down the back and check the garden out. My sister has a very cool veg garden, so cool that I think Jamie Oliver would be a tad bit jealous. I dig going to her house for dinner (literally sometimes I do dig, ha!), with lots o’ fresh produce – squash and zucchini are my ace pics for the moment, and grilled up on my plate, they look schmick- take that Woolworths!

Silliness aside, gardens are very cool. They are so organic and relaxing to tend to, and it’s nice to do your part for the environment by growing your own food, and limiting all the chemicals that sometimes manage to sneak their way into supermarket finds.

I can’t wait to start my own veg garden. I’m thinking it will be like a full time job though, with gumboots, an apron and a straw hat – noice.

* Little Henry also loved the garden, he hobbled on down and squashed some lettuce with his little mitts, hopefully no ladybirds were harmed

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