Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing on a Sunday

‘twas a lovely day on Sunday at home. I was up nice and early and packed up my little car to head to the markets for the day. I was up sewing a storm the night before, and made some little singlets, bloomers, brooches and dresses, all to take along for the ride.

I was at the markets early, carted my duffle up to the deck, and unpacked my loot and then Fifi was my offsider for the day.

We had chai lattes first up in the morning of course, and then socialised with our local friends, talking about the little outfits and how they would look cute ‘teamed with tights as a smock’.

What a lovely morning it was, Fifi was such a good help, taping up my brown packages with decorative tape, and chatting to the customers, (who were mostly her friends with adorable children).

She then surprised me with some pikelets with jam and cream for a little morning snack – best market offsider ever I say – bringing me coffee and treats, and even wearing a brooch to show off my creations.

Mum came down with Darbie, and they soirée’d all day, sipping on coffee and tea, and then hanging around for a salad wrap or two. What a lovely outing for that pair of ladies that luncheon.

Three coffees later, and the markets wrapped up, I packed up the rest of my kit and caboodle, headed home and was overwhelmed with the kindness of the lovely people in the town I grew up in. They were all just a bit cute and generous thank you very much, hurrah for market goers!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me :)

    oh and PS the singlets are gorgeous! your are so creative!

  2. The cloud and lightning singlet is especially cute.
    Glad it went well for you.

  3. do you sell at the willows markets? :) by the way I also study journalism! I go to JCU, do you go there as well? How did you find the degree? Love your blog, it captures me and makes me want to read more xx

  4. Hi Tania, I did sell things at the Willows markets, but now I have left Townsville - sadly. I studied Journalism there, and absolutely loved it, and I've only just finished it. Thanks so much for the lovely comments!