Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'll Take a Puppy To Go Thanks!

I think something must be in the air, because lots o’ babies are being born left, right and centre.

Our family was certainly given a spring in our steps with the big excitement that came our way when my sister’s dashing dog’s became parents to a lovely litter of seven.

They are just lovely, laying around with their little wrinkled noses and peachy keen tongues darting in and out as they gorge on milk – and don’t they ever, sometimes I think their poor mummy is going to dry up, or develop a voice box to exclaim that, “This milk bar is closed!”

Anyhoo, here they are, our lovely puppies, who are going to give my sister a hard time when it’s time to give them up – except one of course, and I think she already knows which one they are keeping – I’d say the one that sleeps with her, and continues to get cradled all day long, naww.

Hurrah for puppies, wrap 'em up to go!

1 comment:

  1. oh beautiful! 7 puppies that's amazing! I was Bondi vet this week and there was a dog that gave birth to 6 puppies, she was bursting at the seems! enjoy the cute little ones!